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Flight Planning

Planning a route and making sure you have a clear way ahead for a flight is crucial. At Westjet Air Center, we want to make flight planning as easy as possible for pilots and crew members. Based on the recommendation of pilots, we’ve created a flight planning room specifically for the purpose of planning a safe flight. The flight planning room allows pilots and crew members the chance to perform some airline booking, check weather patterns, and ensure that the flight path laid out is the right one.

Our flight planning area includes two computers, both with internet access.  Each computer has its own dedicated printer for whatever materials pilots and crew members may need copies of. The flight planning room is private and offers pilots a secluded place to get work done before a flight. These rooms do not require a reservation to use.

At every opportunity, we strive to provide the most comfortable and functional conveniences for the pilots and crew members of any flight.  We encourage all of our travelers to utilize our flight planning room, as well as our many other conveniences.  Call Westjet Air today at 605-393-2500 and make us the next stop in your flight plan.