Premiere corporate center and fixed based operator

Lobby & Vending

Westjet Air Center Executive Terminal strives to offer a flight concierge service that tailors to all crew and pilot’s needs. When your aircraft arrives, we don’t want pilots and crew members to feel like they are in another stale airport terminal; we want them to feel like they are home and can be comfortable.

We offer comfortable and spacious facilities while you wait. Relax in the lobby where you can enjoy television or enjoy our gas fireplace. Our lobby is filled with comfortable couches, recliners, and tables to relax on and get some work done. Natural light floods the lobby to create a welcoming and inviting area for crew to meet and relax. There is complimentary WiFi throughout the building for your convenience. The gas fireplace is lit in the winter months to create a warm seating area. Just next to our lobby is a children’s play area for those corporate airlines and aircraft that fly with families. Your children can enjoy playing with some toys or reading books while you take care of business with our flight concierge services.

The vending area features numerous vending machines with drinks and snacks, as well as a microwave, complimentary coffee, hot chocolate, and tea, and a sink for washing dishes. A table and chairs in the vending area allows for easy meal eating or working while on the go.